How to Help Your Kids

Research shows that an overwhelming amount of marriages and de facto relationships in Australia end. The breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship is a very heartbreaking and emotionally challenging experience for the parents. This is also true for your children. The way you as a parent deal with the separation very much reflects how your children will cope with the change.

Children can react very differently to separation and divorce and their coping skills depend on a number of variables. Two important influences on coping behaviour are the child’s age and the degree of conflict between the parents.

Guidelines for parents:-

  • Give yourself, your children and your former partner time to adjust.
  • Strike a balance between time for yourself, and time for your children.
  • Don't overcompensate for your child’s loss by buying expensive gifts and outings. The best thing you can give your children is your time.
  • Try not to disturb your children's routine too abruptly. Maintaining stability is extremely important.
  • Regularly tell your children that you love them and the break up is not their fault.
  • Continuing animosity between the parents is more likely to damage children than the actual break up.

Download the Do's and Don'ts checklist from our Family Law Resources page

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