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Breaking up is hard to do...

Defaulting on your mortgage is harder

The current separation and divorce trend leaves many people facing complicated emotional and financial issues. The need to start again isn't confined to married people either, but also applies to those in de facto and long term relationships.

When you divorce, taking the first financial steps in a new direction isn't as simple as finding a new place to buy or rent. There is also a need to review joint investments, accounts, superannuation funds, personal and health insurance, and possibly tax arrangements.

Where there are children involved in separation and divorce, child maintenance may need to be sorted through in the early days, too. In some circumstances, it may entitle one or both partners to temporary or long-term Centrelink parenting benefits.

Sitting down to talk with a financial adviser about your financial concerns and questions can help you to receive advice that is tailored to your personal situation when you divorce.This provides you with real support when the challenges you face may be complex, and prepare you for a new path in life.

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